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Migrating from WordPress to Ghost

So my website got hacked last month. I caught it by chance. I connected via FTP to my server to check something and noticed a PHP file that looked out of place. Sure enough the source code of the file mentioned someting about the Virusa Worm and AnonGhost. I traced

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Revisiting the Astro A50 Battlefield Edition

In late 2012 I gave up on Astro Gaming headsets. I saw potential quality control issues and experienced accessory incompatibility. My gaming system has changed since then and I bought another Astro A50 headset early this year. I dislike it more than the first... Astro A50 Battlefield and PS4 Here's

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Need for Speed: Rivals Soundtrack

Need for Speed: Rivals has a killer soundtrack. If you're looking to purchase the audio tracks from the game I've compiled a link to the iTunes and Amazon store pages below. The Need for Speed: Rivals soundtrack list Bastille: Pompeii (Kat Krazy Remix) (buy on iTunes, buy on Amazon) Binary

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I never thought of consumer routers being spec'd like a computer. At least, until I recently went shopping for a replacement router. I used to rely on the technology compatibility (AC/N/802.11?) and alternative firmwares use to choose my routers. The ASUS RT-AC68 made me take a 2nd

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Reducing spam with filters using the Genesis Framework

Here's how I saved myself time managing spam submitted to my site. It's all about the patterns My blog ranks high enough for certain phrases that I became a target for automated bot spam. At one point I was receiving 60 messages per day. While it may not seem like

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Looking to buy the Xbox One?

I bought a release day Xbox One. Here's a few issues that have been identified that might help you decide whether you even want to buy a next-generation console—let alone need one. Why I wouldn't buy an Xbox one if I had to do it over again I identified

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SASS Syntax Highlighting in Sublime Text 3

Enabling SASS syntax highlighting in Sublime Text 3 is super simple. This is for Mac OS X Mavericks so adjust accordingly for your OS and assumes Package Control is installed. cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/ git clone https://github.com/nathos/sass-textmate-bundle.git Close and reopen Sublime

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